The usual suspects…

The usual suspects – Aaron Nel

In a far away town – in a room full of strangers,

I played my guitar and sang away the dangers.

I played the songs that they may, or may not have known;

took them to a place where the past and present go

to become something new – a gift: just for you…

We embrace [it] – like a long lost friend,

succumbing to the providence: admitting the infinite chance

That we may be part of something bigger: the Divine Designer’s plans.

*   *   *

Something so pure; like light shining through –

I was just the vessel for something shiny and new…

And it changed the atmosphere just like a drug.

*   *   *

Now cowboys and bikers; they love to brawl,

while farmers and bar staff; they don’t get along at all!

But I’m a travelling minstrel and I really don’t mind,

‘Cause I get my drinks for free, and I charge for my time.