Interviews, TV shows, and performances…

I haven’t posted anything for a while…

I’ve been REALLY busy though, zigzagging across provincial borders and performing, which is such a privilege! The there was the birth of ‘The Aaron Nel Trio’ – a 3 piece musical ensemble that plays, well exactly what I want them to ;-). That’s a DOUBLE privilege!! But that’s like an entire blog post on it’s own…

2017 has been epic thus far.

The reason for this post is to let you all know of some extremely varied events in the next half week or so:

Event Capture

Lip Service featuring Aaron Nel – by clicking on this link you will be directed to the FB Event..

Firstly, I was honoured to be approached by Uncut Media who – besides creating some of the best online entertainment content that I have come across – asked me for an interview with DJ DoubleD – Dayle Robin – which was recorded on Saturday 6 May 2017 and will be aired this evening – Friday 12 May 2017 between 7pm and 8pm. I would love for you to tune into the show Lip Service so simply click on any of the links provided in this paragraph and you will be directed to the online streaming link.

Got it? Good!

Tomorrow I will be joining KykNet’s production team of ‘Skoonpa se tong’ (translated means ‘Your father-in-law’s tongue). The show invites public figures to engage in a cook-off with their father-in-laws, while their spouses judge the goods and delivers the ultimate verdict. So Andrea’s (my wife) got her work cut out, not to mention me putting my culinary skills to the test!! I will announce the air date for that show once I have been informed.


Mother's day 2017

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I will be playing at The Beach House from 12 – 4 in the afternoon.

The last item in this post is Rocking Acoustic Wednesdays @ Rusty Hook, Honeydew – that’s next week Wednesday 17 May 2017.


And that’s all for now, folks!

As always: Thank you so much for your support and love!!

Much love back at you all X X X

Aaron out!