Pixie in a Garden

“Pixie in a Garden”

In 2009 sometime, I had started a relationship with the woman I eventually got married to – and am now separated from. This song was inspired by her. I had been puzzling over what to say in publishing this song on this platform. But thanks to some mentoring by my good friend and life coach Werner Boshoff, I am now able to do so…

During the early stages of the relationship – around 2009 – on a Sunday evening relaxing together in front of the TV, Andrea suddenly wanted to write a song: “Come on let’s write a song!” I had been performing somewhere during the day and honestly was only in the mood to relax. “If you want to write a song you will have to fetch the pen and paper” I said hoping this would deter her.

She returned wearing nothing but a set of theatre “Pixie wings” – this set the tone for the lyrics of the song. We were very much in love. Unfortunately not anymore, So now it’s “so long Pixie – and thanks for the songs…”