Our Times


“Our Times” was actually 1 of 2 songs that came out simultaneously… TWINS!!


The music came first, and completely set the tone for the lyrics. Being a funky, compound – time piece I knew the lyrics had to be in a similar vein: confident and containing LOTS of swagger; within certain boundaries. I’ve always believed that words bare power, and I let the words be relevant to myself in a directional sense; pointing to the future.


With the title containing the word “times” I knew that it would have to deal with/challenge people’s perceptions: time so often is used in a “past tense” context (think ‘times gone by’, ‘if only I had more time I would do things differently’ and of course the familiar ‘sands of time’ which indicates a certain level of withdrawal, or powerlessness to the effects of time passing). Hence the opening line “Inside your mind the suspicion’s ever growing of where this may be going” – this is in essence a direct challenge; a catching out of apprehension, or reservations… Perceptions. 


The music came about while I was playing along with Sting’s “Brand New Day” album. I had a Jazz band at the time and stumbled across the chord progression. It was originally written in compound time, meaning one plays in 16th triplets… I still play it like that live… I also first composed it a whole tone down, the guitar hook was completely different: The first version had been recorded using a Telecaster, while in this version, the only guitar used (Stratocaster) is the hook on the choruses. I included some brass elements, electronic piano and synthetic bass.


“May I say that something’s gonna be happening in this land today.

       Yes I believe that forgiveness can change yesterdays – therefore I receive”

           – perceptions blown!!!