Burning Alive

“Burning Alive”

Sharing this song with people is always a daunting task, purely because it is my soul laid bare. It is a ballad. In my experience most singer/songwriters start out writing mostly ballads. Writing up tempo (feel good) songs is such a prerequisite for artists these days. It is no wonder that this is the only ballad on my album.

I’ve shared with some people about the traumatic events which have torn my family apart over the course of the last 17 years or so. These events are intricately intertwined with religion – and therefore God by default – so needless to say that I am intrinsically sceptical of all forms of organised religion while still maintaining and professing my Christ – based beliefs.

The concept for the title is a reference to the account of Moses encountering the voice and call of God in the Sinai desert while in exile from Pharaoh Ramses – the Egyptian ruler. In the encounter it is stated that Moses – while searching for some sheep that had strayed from the flock – came across the curious site of a shrub – or bush – that was on fire, yet not perishing as would be the natural expectation while an object was being consumed by the burning flames. Obviously this peaked his interest and according to the Biblical account of these events God spoke to Moses from within the fire. In Christian jargon this is widely referred to as the ‘Burning Bush’ experience…

This image was basically how I’d felt with regards to my past, my present and my foreseeable future: That I had been set alight, feeling the effects of the scorching flames, yet not perishing. The title was always going to be “Burning Alive” and the lyrics are self explanatory:


 “There’s a fire burning from the inside – out:

     It’s burning through my veins.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s right or wrong.

But I think that I was born to live this way…”


This will always be a song of hope: It is my wish that you will be inspired while listening to this song…