“In Case You Missed The Show… ” – NEW ALBUM RELEASE!!!

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I have been beside myself with excitement for the last couple of days leading up to this: My first digital album release – “In Case You Missed The Show…”. If you are reading this, whoever and wherever you are, please know that this is for you, and your support and interest has made all the  difference.
“In Case You Missed The Show…” is a collection of songs that have appeared on previously produced solo albums: “Jump the traffic” in 2007, “Uncovered” in 2010 and “Wurm Innie Appel” in 2012. Subsequent to the release of those albums I released a series of singles directly to radio. Most of those are also included in this release. As an independent artist this is my first album release to all major digital music platforms. The journey here has been a long one, but I would not have had it any other way. Each track included here has given my solo career the legs required to carry on a few months longer: 
“Our Times” was originally composed and arranged in compound time, off the “Jump the traffic” album in 2007. It appears here, however, as a ‘4 – on – the – floor’ dance/pop song. The interest in this song has always been immense, thanks to the jazzy chord structures and funky groove which is amplified by the bass line.


“Let me out” was originally on the “Uncovered” (2010) album as the opening track. I have always been a huge fan of John Bonham’s (Led Zeppelin) drum grooves. I hope this one does the legend justice. 

“Rockzilla” was the 2nd track from “Uncovered” which was an album which mostly included elements of classic rock.

“Give out some loving” was the 3rd track from “Uncovered”. It served as an upbeat, reggae alternative to the first 2 tracks. Every drummer who has ever heard the song has said: “That drum groove shouldn’t really work, but it just DOES!” 

“Burning Alive” was the 5th track on “Uncovered”. Mix FM in Jo-Burg play listed this one initially – BIG THANK YOU!! In 2016 this song was a semi – finalist in the UK Songwriting competition. Everyone normally comments: “I’m sure I’ve heard this song before…” I suppose that’s the thing with great songs ;-). 

“Pixie in a garden” was the 4th track from “Uncovered”. If you are lucky enough to know the story of how it was created, you are one of a few hundred people… I will publish that story on a different platform. Mix FM also listed this one.

“Freedom’s Calling” is an acoustic guitar instrumental. I was playing a lot of finger picking style at the time and this was a result. There is a place along the Garden Route in South Africa called Oubos Strand. It is the most beautiful place on earth… Google it ;-). 

“Wurm innie Appel” was inspired by a high court ruling that the relationship between prominent businessman Shabir Shaik and one prominent ANC politician – Jacob Zuma – was indeed a corrupt one. Jacob Zuma is now the president of the Republic of South Africa. “Wurm innie Appel” is an Afrikaans (my native tongue) title which (translated to English) means “The worm in the apple”. It was also the title track for the 2012 album. 

“Skyn Onskuldig” – also an Afrikaans title meaning “Seemingly Innocent” – was written after a police massacre of striking mine workers in August 2012 at Lonmin Platinum mine in Rustenburg, South Africa. It’s a rant/protest song. 

“Suide tot die Noorde” meaning “South to North” was my most successful radio single release initially. Bosveld Stereo snapped it up, and it became a number 1 for 4 weeks on Hosa Radio. It was the opening track on “Wurm innie appel” 

“Saam maak ons drome waar” (“Together we make dreams come true”) is my most commercially successful single release to date. This marks the first time it’s ever been released on an album as such. It became a number 1 on Koepel Stereo in 2014, and was also play listed on various other stations. 

“Radikaal” (“Radical”) was the follow up single to “Saam maak ons drome waar”, and immediately charted at number 4 on Koepel Stereo. Johnny Nel from Waterberg Stereo also snapped it up. 

“Kinders van die Woord” (“Children of the Word”) was a 2015 release for which a music video was also filmed. I was under different management then. It was recorded and produced by Johann Kelber, Raymond Bals produced the video. Unfortunately all radio and TV said it was too “Rock” influenced to be aired, which makes it a success in my books!! 

“Deeper” is a gospel/rock song for which the vocals were co recorded at Misty Rose Studios in Mid Rand by Llewelyn Friend. I view this as one of my best works. Never been submitted for radio, but who knows… 

“Light this Flame” is also a gospel/rock song for church worship purposes. I still believe… 

* * *
Special thanks to everyone who has continually supported my career. You all know who you are, and without you none of this would mean a thing. 
Jack “Pappa Bear” and Audry Rahme from Hit Music for betting on me. 
Shane Jarvis for your true friendship when I needed it most.
I have recently learnt that I have so many good friends; much love to you all.
I dedicate this album to my parents:
Pierre and Laura Nel