Hope Eternal (Pt 1)

hope eternal


Everyone – whether you are aware of it or not – is subject to some kind of external control: just consider how multi media advertising has influenced our society, as one example. We respond, or in some cases ‘react’ to perceptions presented to us through all forms of media daily; our emotions also more or less dictate how we act, as well as what we even allow ourselves to think. What follows below is an extreme example of this type of human behaviour alteration, based on my personal experience. For us the challenge is to continuously grow in our understanding of the motives of these ‘suggested scenarios’ through critical enquiry.

Places’ and peoples’ names have been altered to protect their identities – a courtesy that was not extended mutually… But even “where the wild things are”, and in the presence of monstershope springs eternal: So proceed at your own risk.


Dearest Mom and Dad.

One of the biggest burdens born by those who formed part of the general life at ‘The Oaks’ – all except for Dave, Sharon and Justin – was the phenomenon, or rather the condition that they were not even in the slightest allowed to question the leaders’ (that’s Dave, Sharon and Justin) mere will!

Any evidence of logical, even REASONABLE calculation by an individual with regards to an instruction was simply branded as sin… (?) They (the leaders) usually confronted one with a notion which was intentionally designed to cross all acceptable parameters of logical reasoning, which was by default sanctioned by all levels of leadership personalities (of which I was one, and subsequently Peter, my younger brother, as well – after I had gone) who were also abstractly appointed and positioned to do their masters’ bidding and spying – informing: these people would moreover monitor one’s progress regarding the following of such a notion: sometimes it would be that one’s children are ‘false idols’ that need to be ‘dealt with’ (better remove those photos from  your fridge door, mom),  or a show of empathy to one’s fellow man would be labelled as ‘evil humanism’: “Let the dead bury their own” (and so dad didn’t attend his own brother’s funeral) etc…

All such notions/instructions originated from scriptures which were completely distorted out of Biblical context, and used to manipulate the masses (well, when I left ‘The Oaks’ there were roughly 90 adults anyhow). Those who monitored one’s ‘implementation’ of such distorted notions also reported back to their relevant leadership rungs, and so Dave, Sharon and Justin always sat in the pound seat. In this manner they intentionally undertook to alter one’s behaviour – notwithstanding one’s very thinking patterns. One’s original mandate and manifesto as a God-created human being was systematically ‘hollowed out’ through mere exhaustion (emotionally, psychologically as well as physically), caused by the constant, unrelenting and aggressive confrontation with the aforementioned mechanisms: One’s very will manipulated to ultimately serve the Bed-Adi  family’s designs (Dave, Sharon and Justin ‘Bed-Adi’ – their surname). Their favourite term to describe ‘free thought’ or ‘choice’ – as God made us – was the sin of rebellion. What an utter shame!

These methods of manipulation, which were cunningly wrapped to appear as Christian teachings, are – in fact: blasphemy! Speak of wolves in sheep’s clothing!!!

To everyone’s (who’s lives have been drastically affected by decades of the Bed-Adi family’s schemes) relief, these perverse distortions and manipulations have been exposed, and now is the time to tell our stories in order to bring clarity, closure and the healing so much needed. It is thanks to critical enquiry and ‘free thought’, or ‘choice’ that gave birth to sciences like Hermeneutics’  and even ‘Exegesis’ through which the human race has increasingly been able to interpret and understand the difference between truth and lies, and which also lead to my eventual departure from ‘The Oaks’.

Here it seems I am going to have start where all good stories start: At the beginning…

…to be continued.



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